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Dice by Dicey Pinot Noir 2021 2L

2 litres of hand-crafted, Central Otago Pinot Noir — in a box. That’s almost 2.65 bottles in one handy little recycled cardboard brick AND you can have one glass tonight, one glass tomorrow night and maybe not have another until next weekend. This cute little cube on cube will keep your quality quaff fresh and fruity for 3-4 weeks. So take your time and take this to the bach or beach or your best buds barbecue.

Why the Dice?

Alternative packaging has been on our radar for a while. Almost 30% of carbon emissions from making wine come from producing and shipping glass bottles.

“Switching to wine in a box for the 97 percent of wines that are made to be consumed within a year would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about two million tons, or the equivalent of retiring 400,000 cars.” (Source — The New York Times, Drink outside the Box)

This feels like the right thing to do. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely a dicey thing to do!

Nose —

Dark berry. Cherry. Bramble.

Palate —

Supple. Vibrant. Savoury.

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