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Our Story

Established, owned, and operated here in Kerikeri by Steve White, Ferment wine shop is the successful result of big dreams, hard work and a healthy sense of humour.

The foundation for Ferment began as 88 Below Wine Merchant, in the basement of Fishbone café which Steve owned for 20 years. He specialised in sourcing wines, writing wine lists, supplying restaurants, and putting interesting and high-quality wines into luxury lodges.

88 Below also operated part time as a Wine bar and retail shop. In 2018 Steve made the decision to move the business to the main street of Kerikeri and rebranded as Ferment.
Now open 6 days per week as a ‘wine shop you can drink in’ Ferment has craft beer on tap, an impressive selection of wines, both local and international, and Allpress coffee.

Covid lockdown 2020 saw Ferment start contactless deliveries to our wine club members. As you can imagine and under the circumstances it was a hit! The feedback was brilliant, and
the decision was made to extend our business online.

Meet Steve

Born and bred in Northland, Steve developed his passion for the industry in his 20’s while travelling overseas. He spent several years working for various related companies before returning home to forge his own path.

His extensive knowledge has been established through vast experience in working as a leading merchant for restaurants. Steve’s passion has led Ferment to stock a sensational selection of fine wine from around the world created through his own
curiosity and that of the customers who come to know him.

Steve’s fascination came about simply because wine comes in so many varieties, styles, and colours from so many places around the globe. One of the joys of wine is stepping outside the square, discovering new flavours and aromas, and constantly adding new dimensions to your wine experience.

Our customers love to give Steve a budget to choose a mixed case for them based on their tastes. He will fill it with things they love and a few things they may never have thought of trying, and the feedback is brilliant!

When not at Ferment you will find him out on the boat with his family or on the side of the Football field. He is a keen diver and has been a volunteer coach for the local football club and school for over ten years.

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Come and enjoy

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique venue and sharing our vast range of both local and international wines, craft beers and platters.

“The highest compliment you can pay Ferment is to refer
us to your family and friends”.